Delwyn Jude Remedios- An Illustrator & A Father Finds Inspiration In His Young Son’s World!

Delwyn Jude Remedios- An Illustrator & A Father Finds Inspiration In His Young Son’s World!

Illustrator and Animator Delwyn Remedios’ ‘Shayne’s World’, has a certain endearing quality that makes you remember the work of Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Through simple black and white daily illustrations, Delwyn captures the wonders of childhood through the eyes of a new parent. Yet Shayne’s World is as much about the child in him as it is about his toddler son, Shayne.

Early Childhood Influences

Ask him how he keeps the inner child alive and Delwyn reminisces about his early childhood in Mumbai. According to his parents, he was drawn towards the art as early as the age of two when he first held a pencil and started to draw. He remembers drawing a Ferris wheel with the feet of kids hanging out, pointing out how he could observe minute details and translate them in his art even at an early age. He also remembers being surrounded by creative family members. For instance, his father who liked carpentry, his mother who loved crafts, and his brother who was studying at JJ School of Arts at the time- through them he got an exposure to creativity at an early age.

The Turning Point

But the turning point in his life came when he applied to National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and got selected. From being the most artistic student in his Mass Comm. class at St. Andrews College in Mumbai, to being one amongst many talented artists at NID, it was quite a journey. Delwyn says, those two-and-a-half years changed his perspective about art and taught him a lot about the professional artistic process.

IIT Hyderabad and Shayne’s World

After a stint of 7 years in the corporate sector, Delwyn decided to take up a design faculty position at IIT Hyderabad in 2016. It was at this time that he started his daily illustration series called ‘Shayne’s World’ which revolves around his son who was a year old at the time.  

A Child’s Point Of View In His Art

A child’s point of view is apparent in all his work. It includes Shayne’s World; the animated films he has created in the past, such as his independent thesis work at NID, called the ‘Deluge’ on the Mumbai floods in 2005 and ‘Meri Nili Chatri’ which was a collaboration with other artists. References to cherished childhood memories; subtle tributes to his parents; details picked from the places he grew up in; architectural references of a place; all abound in his work. But while earlier it was about referencing his childhood, now with Shayne’s World, it is about his own child’s perspective or rather what a dad feels his child’s perspective is.

Design Sensibilities in Art

According to Delwyn, who currently teaches Design at IIT Hyderabad, ‘Art’ is something you create for yourself, but ‘Design’ is something that is for the audience. This design sensibility has influenced his artistic process. He believes art can have a big influence on its audience and therefore, he is very aware of the things he portrays in Shayne’s World. For example, depicting use of technology vs spending quality time with the family, or the role of a woman in the family, etc.

Upcoming Projects

Delwyn’s upcoming project is a 360-degree virtual reality animation on the Hayat Bakshi Begum of the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, in collaboration with his students as part of the Design Innovation Centre in IIT Hyderabad.

Inspirations & Advice

Among his inspirations, Delwyn remembers being hugely inspired by the Daily Sketches of the artist Pascal Campion, which got him thinking about starting Shayne’s World. His advice to people pursuing art or design is to keep creating and honing their personal style, while also being versatile and open to trying different mediums. 

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