A lot of dreams, courage and Hard work produces Purnet Moirangthem

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A lot of dreams, courage and Hard work produces Purnet Moirangthem

Before we cut to the chase and show you some really cool Indie artists in Mumbai at The Tribal Box, what we are working as a team is to bring to you not just inspiring stories of musicians, but also help you keep up with all the new upcoming artists in the city. So let us feed you some content and take advantage of your ‘FOMO’.

Our featured artist on The Tribal Box, is 26year old, Purnet Moirangthem. A musician from Manipur, who is currently experimenting with his music style after a brief stint in Rock and metal. With a couple of degrees to his name, he is currently studying at the True School of Music in Mumbai. But let’s trace it back in time a little.



How it all began:

There was a boy in school, who had a tough time settling in and feeling like he was a part of something apart from himself. He wanted to be the cool kid that everyone liked. Ingredients to make a perfect cool kid in school? Play at least one instrument and sing to impress girls, become part of a band and be friends with the “cool” seniors. And these were the exact ingredients that Purnet gathered. He started playing Wonderwall on the guitar more often and soon started performing. Little did he know he would have actually put up a fight in his future to keep this part of his life, the music intact.

The transition from school to college was not that smooth considering the culture shock of moving out from your home to a completely new city, it’s culture shock, anxiety, teenage angst and a touch of body image issues. Recipe for disaster, but his music got him through. The guitars got cooler, the stages got bigger and the thought of taking up music full time grew stronger. But how does one convince the parents that this career option would put food on the table?


Leap of faith:

After his Master’s degree, he took up a day job, to fit in, to make the parents believe that he was doing something with his life. But 3 months into the job, things got clearer and he knew there was no time and point in playing “backup-backup”. He knew that his decision to take up music full time was not going to be welcomed with open arms, but it was something he knew he had to get through.



Raised by people who believe in giving back to the community when you have been educated and has access, it was a tough call for Purnet to choose the field of music which comes with its own initial set of uncertainties. He says “Well, you try a couple of things in life. Then your parents are little happy that you have a job and you are getting a salary and that the money they spent on your education is paying off. But then! You tell them you want to become a musician and you quit your job, all your savings diminish faster than you expected, you don’t want to call your parents and have that conversation for money with them, so you just make do with Chai and biscuits (Laughs)”

His decisions were reaffirmed when he won a scholarship with TSM Mumbai. Now, he finally feels unstoppable.


What lays ahead:

Purnet is now constantly trying to change people’s apprehension towards considering Music as a profession. This is still something he is trying to break through. Constantly trying to prove that music can be more than just a hobby.

He believes that he will get into making music for Games, explore the Digital era along with performing live. With a lot of confidence, he says that the Indian Indie Music scene is growing more than ever with newer platforms emerging each day. The best thing about the digital space is that you don’t need anyone to manage you. Your talent will manage you.



A guy filled with so much optimism, makes you believe that there is no age, no norm, no society when it comes to following your dream and passion. If you don’t make hard choices now, you will never make it. All you can do it work so hard that your limbs fall off and always hope to become a better version of anything you do.

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