Bryan Ernest - Let Life Be An Adventure

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Bryan Ernest - Let Life Be An Adventure

Musician, Traveller And An Entrepreneur - Mumbai Artist, Bryan Ernest Is A Man With Many Hats.

Introduction To Music

As a young boy, Bryan would accompany his parents to church and the sounds of Gospel in English and Kannada shaped his initial musical experiences. Soon, he would join the church choir and perform regularly. His parents saw his inclination towards music early on and bought him a violin and that’s when he started his musical training.

“The learning curve of a violin is much slower and I wanted to be able to play songs.”

One day he found an old guitar that his mom used to learn on in his house and he jumped right at the opportunity to start learning it.

He soon started writing songs using psalms from the Bible as lyrics and performing them at the church. A friend once told him to start writing own songs about his experiences rather than the church songs, as they would reach a wider audience.

Change In The Perspective

One day at a friend’s place, Bryan saw a concert that changed his entire perspective towards songwriting. It was a concert by singer-songwriter John Mayer called “Where the light is” live at the Nokia Theatre. He says, “That concert blew my mind and also opened a whole new world of songwriting and performance for me”. He then started writing songs about his experiences and thoughts he wanted to share. This led his music to reach out to a lot of people, which gave him the confidence to take it up as a profession.

Travel And Adventure

Watching posts of friends doing cycling rides in Mumbai on social media got Bryan curious to start cycling and he bought an old bicycle for cheap that he could ride. He would cycle from Chembur to Marine Drive regularly and got introduced to many such travel enthusiasts in the process.

“Cycling makes you actually feel the space and the things around you in the most intimate manner. Watching the city wake up as I cycled early in the morning is a feeling I cant describe in words.”

 The Big Bike Ride

A random text from a friend that said, “Come to the mountains” was all it took for Bryan to plan a 12-state solo bike ride on his city friendly 160cc bike. What followed was some unforgettable memories that ranged from wonderful times hanging out with strangers that became friends to a near death experience in Rajasthan. He still believes that travelling solo was the best decision he ever made. He covered 5000 kms in a span of 17 days and has endless stories to tell.

Life – An Adventure

Bryan believes that travel and music both have an element of adventure in them. Where travel has taught him to take decisions on the fly and stick to them, music has taught him perseverance. Wherever he goes, he makes friends and is never scared to open up to people.

Marrying Both His Passions

Bryan is a co-founder of Motojojo, a platform that combines both his passions – travel and music. “Here people share their stories, experiences and celebrate music.”

Within a few months of starting their business, they have already toured many cities and the response to each of them has been phenomenal. They are currently planning a trip to Spiti.

Bryan Ernest is a person who leads his life as an adventure. He will always greet you with a smile and have hundreds of stories up his sleeve to share. He will make you want to travel more and enjoy music in a true sense. 

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