If you love music videos and music, you have hit Jackpot with ‘The Listening Sessions’

If you love music videos and music, you have hit Jackpot with ‘The Listening Sessions’

 How many people out there are connoisseurs of not just the music but also the Music Video? For all the people who have occupied much of their friend’s brain capacity with music video trivia. For the people who have the reputation of borderline video fanatics but don’t find a partner in crime, Romel Dias and Vipasha Tilak are your people.


Vipasha a journalist and Romel, an entrepreneur and Visual effects teacher had been friends for a long time and spent most of their conversations talking about new artists, music and mainly music videos. All the creative and mind-blowing techniques and subtle subtexts behind some of the widely viewed videos to the ones they discovered. From just the two of them, the group gradually became bigger and bigger. Until one day, they said why don’t we do a proper cur ration on music videos have a few friends over and discuss it over a couple of drinks. What started this way, snowballed into a bigger group each time, pushing them to further widen their little project. Hence began ‘The Listening Sessions’.


In order to look at it as a serious session and some house party that had something for everyone, they created a structure. They felt that since music is such an integral part of a music video, it was only but fair to have this session also as a platform for upcoming musicians at least initially within Mumbai. They met a couple of people auditioned a couple of them and worked towards making each session bigger and better than the previous one. They brought in people who were not just musicians, but musicians who broke the norm and could help break the stereotypes.

A session every month, featuring the best in the Indie Music Industry across the country curated something not a lot of people get to hear these days. With filmmakers, producer, and musicians sharing their stories and struggles.

After over a year, they started to see a possible revenue model as by now they had enough traction as well. Rapidly growing the duo are hosting one of their first out of Mumbai session soon and hope to see people soon in cities like Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, and Manipur.

Take a quick peek into one of their sessions below and keep the madness for music videos alive.

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