Mohit Mukhi as he ‘Walks through the World’

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Mohit Mukhi as he ‘Walks through the World’

When you have find ways to change what you have begun,

And the joy that this life might show

You may never know

So find your homeboy and get some sleep

Won’t you untie your running shoes and also rest all your dreams

 - Running shoes and a thousand dream by Mohit Mukhi

When Mohit quit his job as an Assistant Director and told his father that he wanted to pursue music, the only thing that his father told him about his career choices till date despite supporting them with all his heart was, "You wanted to become a filmmaker where you could make SOME money, but now you want to become a musician where you would potentially make no money" succeeded by an awkward laugh between them because they knew that although the journey was uncertain,  dreams were priceless.

Years later his music was trending in the iTunes Top 30 in India.

Growing up gets Mohit nostalgic about a carefree time and a very different Bombay. Graduating with a degree in Economics and getting a bank job seemed like the most natural thing to do at that time. But soon he realized it wasn’t something he was cut out for. The next thing, although looked like a cliche but was film-making. He worked as an assistant director for a few months and unlike the cliché, figured that didn’t make him happy either. From running film clubs to doing the oddest things, all for 6 months. THEN! He found the guitar and John Mayer. But music stayed.

Mohit said, “Even though I had full support from my family to try all the things that I wanted to try, I think my mom got worried about my career in Music when for the first time something I had chosen to do lasted more than 6 months. That is probably when she realized that I was very serious about it and how much music meant to me”

This was beginning to a wonderful musical journey.


“I have never been the person who had it all together. I never had a sense of belonging or comfort with anything I did until I started playing music. For the first time with music, I felt like I belong”

Mohit began playing the guitar and covering a few of the songs he really liked. His interest wanted him to learn more and explore more in this field and he made his way to a music school in London.

London was a whole new world for him to deal with. It opened him to a world of talent that is very new and intimidating. Watching other musicians play better and know the things they knew not only made him work better on his craft but also killed his ego.

He came to India as a confident musician with not big goals and ambitions but to just make good music that he would want to listen to himself. The only goal that he set for himself was to release at least one album by the time he turned 30. Well, he made two.


“I believe that one is just lucky to have a song. You are just lucky to have it. It could have easily been anyone else’s tune. I am just blessed my music worked and people loved it”

Mohit’s songs were on the top 30 of iTunes and The Rolling Stone India gave it 3.5 stars. Which was an amazing response that Mohit had never anticipated. Apart from working on new music, Mohit now takes guitar classes for children to support his dream and is currently on a tour with his second album in London.

Music still helps him with his anxiety and makes him feel like he is free to say whatever and be whoever through his music and every single listener will have their own story to narrate with his song as the BGM. And that for him is the true beauty of music for him.

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