Music kept Vernon on track and 'Closer to Home'

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Music kept Vernon on track and 'Closer to Home'

“I wouldn’t know who I am without my music” – Vernon Noronha

Vernon Noronha is a singer-songwriter from Mumbai with quite a personal journey. A guy who is very soft-spoken with a composed demeanour, but watch him perform and you will see a completely different person. A ball of energy who enjoys his every second on a stage and will make sure you enjoy it with him. For Vernon being able to write music or perform on stage is more than something he is good at, it is what helps him get in touch with himself. A coping mechanism. His music is a reflection of his life. It is personal, it is beautiful and always touches a chord in you. “I mostly write about everything that happens around me, about the people in my life and how they make me feel.”

“I have seen a lot of ups and downs as a child. Growing up wasn’t the easiest. Music was something that I enjoyed doing. Every time something went wrong at home, I would turn to vice for comfort. But someone very close to me once said that I have the potential to become someone in life and that I had to put all my anger and pain into something that will help me stand on my own and that is exactly what I did. I started playing music and worked really hard to get to a position where I could support myself. I paid for home and college all on my own”

Vernon first played at a close friend’s party and was very surprised when he got paid for it. He realized that there are people who are willing to pay to listen to him perform. From performing covers of famous songs at weddings, parties and clubs, he has come a long way. “I did not think that my songs would be enjoyed by people or that people would know the words to my songs. This stage of my life seemed very distant for me when I had to sing at weddings during buffets. I am grateful for all those serenading ceremonies because it put food on the table and genuinely made me fight to be where I am today.”

Releasing his debut EP was very important and special for him. An album that has been appreciated by many. “My debut EP was titled ‘Closer to Home’ because my family had to relocate due to re-development and suddenly it felt like there was no home and the little things that remind you of home were all I had that just left me longing for it. I channelized everything I felt during this trying time in life and ‘Closer to Home’ is that.

The first song in this EP. ‘Come back Jack’ is a song very close to me, which is about my father who is missing since 2013. His struggle to overcome his addiction to alcohol, to overcome his demons is what that song is all about. To tell him that he can come back whenever and we will be there for him. Every song in this album is very close to me. It is about everybody who has helped me become a better person in life”

“Music is my way of therapy. It has helped me get in touch with my emotions when I had given up. Art was another way I coped. I started making covers and sketch music videos for my own. My song ‘As the ship sails’ was sketched over a period of 18 months which narrates a story in pictures that summarizes long distance relationships, one which I haven’t gone through, but was able to write on account of what I heard from my close friends. These are a few things I thoroughly enjoy”

“All I want for myself is to be able to make music that makes me happy. Music that is as personal and maybe someday I can make someone believe in themselves as I did.”

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