Shraddha Mohanti: Talent and some compassion is all you need to be a musician

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Shraddha Mohanti: Talent and some compassion is all you need to be a musician

For someone who travels 25 days in a month with the various artists she manages for a living, music has been one constant that is with her throughout her day, after managing various musicians for the last 5 years, Shraddha is now looking forward to beginning her own journey as a musician.

In a big happy Bengali family lived a girl surrounded with people who respected and loved music. Every child in the family was either a singer or a dancer. But our girl back then thought she was a dancer and decided to make this statement clear by jumping on the harmonium box when her grandmother tried to teach her music. 

Years later, in their family's annual celebration of Rabindranath Tagore's birthday where the whole family gets together and sings songs written by Tagore. One of the later years, her Mami asked to try singing instead of dancing because she had a lovely voice. She learned one Tagore song and performed it for the first time in front of an audience. She realized then that she could sing if she put in some training to it. But either way, she was not going to keep music away from her life anymore. 

When she almost finished, she assisted a Bollywood Playback so her and manager one of her shows in Calcutta. Impressed with Shraddha's work, the singer suggested she should move to Mumbai and manage artists for a living including her. CUT TO, she reaches Mumbai and hasn't had a single dull day in her profession and her love for music.


Working with some of the most upcoming musicians in India, Shraddha managed to strong herself with music at work, but also made an impression with her voice. Friends offered to produce a track or help her at the least record one of the covers she individualized.

All the encouragement from people around her, think towards taking up music as a serious career and work towards it. So came in her very first platform in the form of The Tribal Box. Where it doesn't take a musician to feature depending on how much they have achieved in the field. It is the talent and passion that matters to get you anywhere. 

Musicians like Shraddha could use some cheers to inspire everyone who thought that they are just bathroom singers and nothing beyond. Maybe there is a beyond. You will just have to take that leap. She said, “I might have taken a lot of time to get here, but when I do it, I will do it right.”

Get a taste of some of her beautiful voice, right here.

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