The rush of being a musician on stage with Aarifah Rebello

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The rush of being a musician on stage with Aarifah Rebello

You have definitely been living under a rock if you haven’t heard some of the amazing music that Aarifah Rebello has created or been a part of. With a streak of blue hair, a pop colour bindhi on her forehead and a face with a big warm broad smile, her music will definitely mesmerize you. She is a multi-talented artist with a beautifully soothing voice who plays the guitar and drums like a charm.


Coming from a family where her father played the guitar and her mother sang for a living, Aarifah was always inclined towards music. One day, young Aarifah decided to go YMCA with her cousins for a concert. There she watched Gino Banks play the drums and that made her really happy. Years later, she picked up the drumsticks and plucked on some guitar strings and she realized that she felt happy. Exactly how she felt when heard Gino Banks play. Around this moment is when she decided that music was not only going to be an inclination, it was here to stay and take her to places she hadn’t imagined. What did Aarifah’s mother do the minute her daughter told her that she wanted to learn how to play the drums? She found her someone to learn from the very next day. This continues to date. She is still the backbone and the anchor of everything that Aarifah stands for today.

Church and Gospel and Parish:

She found an old guitar at home one day and thought she should strum them and she would learn on her own. She took classes with a brother from the church once every week but she was way ahead of her peers when it came to learning. She formed a band with a couple of people from her Parish. They mostly covered famous Gospel songs and sang during the Sunday mass. They soon performed on more platforms apart from their church. She joined college and clearly realized that the only thing that makes her truly happy was music. She went up to the senior members of her college band and to her favour, they were looking for a new drummer. Next thing you know, she becomes famous as the female drummer from Sapphire college within the circuit. The whole ride of college cultures and stage shows gave her a boost and she ended featuring in multiple bands.

Once out of college, Aarifah made the bold decision to tell her mother about taking up music as a career. Definitely, there were a few apprehensions a single mother to raise 2 kids would have. But the rule was simple. Prove it to me that you really want this. Work for it and show me. And this is exactly what Aarifah did. Soon enough, she got into MTV’s ‘Angles of Rock’ as the backing band that accompanied 4 Bollywood playback singer. This was just the beginning of everything exciting that was going to come her way.


Aarifah now:

Being titled one of Mumbai’s leading female drummers, Aarifah is not just making music as a singer-songwriter, she is also part of multiple different bands as a drummer, including folk group ‘Lawntuba’, alt-rock outfit ‘The Bassic’ and blues-funk trio ‘Nookie Jar’.

She started performing as a solo artist in a couple of pubs within Mumbai and soon she started performing out of Mumbai as well. Talking about one of her most memorable performances, she says she will never forget the time the entire audience was attentively listening to her sing that she could hear people tapping their feet to her tunes.

Her mum tells people”I used to sing professionally at hotels. I would have the crowd’s attention and I wouldn’t even need a mic. I keep telling Aarifah to open her voice and be confident. But she never listens”. Well, the people who come to watch Aarifah perform, sometimes all the way to Gujarat from Delhi might not necessarily agree with her mother on that. You will find her mother in most of her shows, in the front row with a huge smile on her face. Meet her and you will see what a delight of a person she is to talk.

Ask Aarifah what her genre of music would be, she will answer with a single word and tell you that it is just, simply “Honest”. Her music is real and relatable. She as a person and her music are both very warm and compassionate.

Aarifah manages herself and wishes she had a manager to tell her what to do and what not. “There is so much going on I wish had someone tell me DO THIS DO THAT! My phone has been constantly ringing these days, which is amazing, but I wish I had someone to tell me what and how to talk to all these different people calling you for different things. But I guess I will get there eventually (laughs).”

She is now looking forward to releasing her next EP this year and wants to gather funds so that she could collaborate to make some good videos for them too. With a very refined sense of music and arrangement, she has been performing and collaborating with various artists like Mali and Tejas and continues to make people smile with her enchanting music. To check her recent single ‘Don’t Rush’, all you have to do is to scroll down.








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