'Versatile' is the perfect phrase for Singer-Songwriter Bhrigu Sahni's music style

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'Versatile' is the perfect phrase for Singer-Songwriter Bhrigu Sahni's music style

'You have to sometimes be lost if you want to find something new. I feel that is what music is about. My ultimate goal is to just ascend as high as I can.'- Bhrigu Sahni

A well-known guitarist and Berklee graduate has collaborated with music biggies like Karsh Kale and Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo. I was so amazed to know him. Sahni has gained recognition for his finger-picking style of guitar-playing to create unique soundscapes that the listeners wouldn’t expect from an acoustic guitar. When he started playing, I literally could feel the music doing something blissfull to my soul. I just didn't want him to stop playing. Soulful music is the best word for his kind of music. It literally touches your soul. So, wouldn't it be interesting to know about his introduction to music?

I could still recall my childhood; my parents would throw parties at home. It'd be the regular party where people are chilling, drinking and talking. Then about 1 am in the morning, the guitars would come out and a 'Mehfil' kind of thing would happen. I'd be sitting there as a kid, just looking, listening and it was amazing to see the effect that the music would have on the audience. Since then, I was inclined towards music. After completing my studies, I wanted to pursue music and make a career in it.  I always wanted to study in the Berklee school of Music in Boston as I had seen some big names coming out from there, but my parent couldn’t afford it. As I got done with the studies, unfortunately, my grandfather with whom I was emotionally attached at a great level, passed away. But, I feel it was his blessings that I got a chance to go to the Berklee College of music somehow. I inherited a lump sump amount of money from him. The experience of learning music there was ‘electric’.  I had such a great time and got so many music inspirations from there. I used to even work as a dishwasher and a cleaner at the bars to suffice my accommodation in Boston. I got done with my two-year course from Berklee school of Music.

After that, I came back to India and made music as my full time career. I frequently keep playing in concerts all over India and New York. In all these years, I’ve developed a unique love story with the Guitar. Bhrigu keeps experimenting with the acoustic guitar and plays some impossible to hear from an acoustic guitar but soulful music. All his songs are so different from each other; I feel he is a versatile musician with music options for all your moods. He has played in the NH7 weekender 2017 and has gained much popularity amongst the youth. He is experimenting with sufi music nowadays and has performed one of his best tracks for The Tribal Box. Do watch him performing, ‘Vekh Re Insan’ coming soon only on

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