When opposites get along, some amazing music and ‘Martian Pizza’ comes along.

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When opposites get along, some amazing music and ‘Martian Pizza’ comes along.

What happens when an electronic music producer collaborates with a Carnatic music trained live singer? Well, you get to listen to some really quirky music from this very young band of two, the MARTIAN PIZZA.

Martian Pizza Before The Martian Pizza:

Aditya Sujan was in college when he began this new sudden craze for EDM or Electronic Dance Music. He went on YouTube, tried to figure out what was this new form of music that people are obsessing over. He watched a couple of Ableton tutorials, got the software, and just initially started spinning the wheels on it to form interesting beats. What started off as a hobby soon became something he was good at, something he knew he will never give up; something that will continue to be a part of his journey, whatever be the destination.


Swarna Rajesh had been trained since childhood in Indian Classical Carnatic music. She performed a couple of Kacheries and as she grew up and went to college, she fell in love with all the alternative music out there. In a weird twist of fate, Swarna and Aditya met and said, “Hey! You are a musician? I am one too! Why don’t we collaborate and see how it goes!” Next thing, they were writing lyrics and jamming every night to create something that they both were proud of.


The First EP Together:


Once out of college, they had made different career paths for themselves before they met and decided to take up music seriously. Aditya went on to open his very own bakery with his mother, fulfilling yet another passion of his which is food. Swarna, on the other hand, got an MBA and now handles a day job with a reputed brand apart from managing her musical career.

For both of them, music is not something they do after they are done with work. It is more than that. It is always running in the background and no matter what time they are done at work, they make sure they rehearse at last an hour every night.



Things worked musically pretty smooth for both of them. They liked the direction their music was taking over various jamming sessions. It was finally time for them to decide what name they would go with. The duo sat and thought about all the things that they were really passionate about apart from music and popped up two common things. Astronomy and Pizza. Two people amazed by space, constellations, stars, and planets along with all kinds of pizza thought the collaboration of their individual styles of music, was as bizarre yet cool as a Pizza from Mars. Hence began the reign of the Martian Pizza.

Swarna and Aditya with their music and The Tribal Box as a platform are now reaching out to musicians across India to find like-minded people who have a lot of ideas but are not able to give a form to it. They come from the ideology that the more different the people, the more creative your music.

The duo has now made their first EP titled ‘Papa Bear’ which you can watch in the video above.


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