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‘If I Can, You Can!’ says Wheelchair Warrior & Happiness Coach, Sai Kaustuv

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‘If I Can, You Can!’ says Wheelchair Warrior & Happiness Coach, Sai Kaustuv

"Smile is free of cost. If I can, you too can smile"  - Dr.Sai Kaustuv

Dr.Sai Kaustuv Dasgupta was told he is 90% differently abled but according to him, ability and disabilities cannot be brought down to numbers. He is 100% mentally able and that is what matters. I still remember the first time I met him and would probably be one the most memorable conversation I have ever had. Sai narrated to us his illustrious life with the darkest and brightest moments of his life in a 2-hour crash course and we were in tears. They weren't tears that came from a place of sympathy. It was a wave of so much hope, positivity and happiness that we often feel is non-existent. Because he has the world with him and has reached the moon from his electric wheelchair. 

Often situations define people, which is also the case with Dr.Sai Kaustuv. But who says an unfortunate situation needs to lead to an unfortunate life! Sai suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone disease and has had more than 50 fractures till date in 27 years of his life. Because of complications due to his condition, he was confined to a room for 6 years unable to move or do anything without help. “During those years of confinement, I used to feel alone, lost and upset when I couldn’t see the sun, moon or the beautiful creations of nature. I used to be in a depression, there was darkness all around. I had to discontinue my studies, my singing and let go of all the things I was passionate about. To come out of this depression I tried my hand at designing, it was very tough, learning from home, but I broke that barrier too. I started designing by operating the mouse with my left hand, that too with only one finger. I came out of my small room in the year 2015 after struggling for 6 years. When I saw myself in a new electric wheelchair, I was a completely a different person. After that moment, I did not allow myself to be confined further into a corner of the room and beg for mercy because people don’t have time to deal with such personal issues. The only thing I could do was to accept my life the way it came. Sooner I did, better for myself. I thus believe that acceptance is huge than expectations, and that really made my life a miracle! Miracles happen in the lives of people who choose to create that miracle, I chose this miracle and made it happen in my own life to inspire many more like me to choose the best in their lives. Yes! We Can Do!”

In 2017 Dr. Sai Kaustuv was 80% disabled but by November 2017, Board of Doctors declared him 90% disabled as only one finger of the left hand is working. Despite all that, he did the fastest typing speed - 28 words in 52 Seconds - with just his one and only functioning finger of the left hand. This is the highest number anyone has achieved in this critical physical situation. Today he holds records with the Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records 2018, Asia Book of Records, Miracle World Records, Indian Achiever Book of Records, Telugu Book Book of Records, World Records India, Vajra World Records, Assist World Records and Assam Book of Records in 2018.

I am a happiness coach and the reason I chose this unique option as
 happiness is the essence of life. It is said that disabled people are not here to celebrate their lives, they have no right to dream big, but trust me, if you have determination, the sky is the limit. 

Dr.Sai Kaustuv’s new foundation and mission #HappinessUnlimited
says anything is possible. It is a community for the happy minds and to pursue real unlimited happiness. It’s also a unique brand through which, he would like to bring back the purity of heart and genuine happiness in the society.


When my parents came to know about my disease, instead of breaking down, they took me as a blessing. My father Kaushik Dasgupta and mother Shila Dasgupta played a role of ideal parents who never felt disappointed by having me, but were content to have a child like me. My younger brother, Kushal constantly inspires me to achieve new things. For all their sacrifices, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

You should always smile more because it is free of costBe happy all the time and Smile. My biggest strength is my smile. I always love to smile in every situation as I believe a smile is the signature line of positivity. During my confinement of 6 years in a small room, I used to practice positivity. It's not something that happened suddenly. It was a tough practice to keep myself motivated. If I can smile after all these life-threatening hurdles, then you too can march forward with a broad smile. Smile as much as you can.

After reading this piece, whenever you are in stress or tension, think about this 90% differently abled guy and smile! As nothing is huge than your happiness. Now it's your turn to choose. Choose wisely as your smile can change your life. 

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