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Plus Size Model Neha Parulkar is breaking the stereotype and promoting body Positivity

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Plus Size Model Neha Parulkar is breaking the stereotype and promoting body Positivity

"I was and I still am very proud of my body. I loved my body and that's why I was always obsessed with it." -Neha Parulkar, A plus size fashion model and body positivity influencer. Neha has walked the ramp for fashion biggies like LFW, All and many more. Plus, she has a huge fan base on social media for being a body positivity promoter. 

Coping up with fat shaming since childhood: 

In her schooling days, she had a keen interest in sports. “I represented my school in badminton and swimming. I was always a healthy child. But, somehow I wasn't accepted for being who I am. Unfortunately, our society is such, and that includes our parents. They think if a person is overweight, it's a huge taboo.” Neha said. When asked about her college days, she says, “Like boys, I remember in college never looked at me, NEVER! They didn't think that a plus size person can be hot or beautiful in their own way.” 

The struggle with outfits:

As of now, there are a handful of brands in India that has a segment for plus size customers. Back then, in her childhood, she never got the opportunity to wear the outfits she loved as none of them were available in the market. Neha mostly had to get her outfits stitched from the tailor. “I always had to struggle to wear jeans, t-tops, gymwear & nightwear. There were no brands nor any store for plus size apparels. I always had to wear stitched dresses.” Neha says about getting nostalgic about her childhood. There are a few brands like H & M & ALL which are currently focusing on the fashion for plus size people. 


All the way up:

Neha always had a keen interest in trying new outfits and embracing her body. She always wanted to try in modeling. So, one fine day she was shopping at ALL, where one of the marketing executives approached her asking for her email id to participate in a model hunt. She mailed a few clicks and she receives a call the next day for an audition. There were around 150-200 plus size models from all over the nation. Neha won that particular model hunt competition.  She was then approached by LFW (Lakme Fashion Week) when LFW organized the Plus size fashion show for the first time in India. After LFW, Neha was all over the internet. Currently, she is working as an HR at an MNC & she does modeling for magazine covers and plus size brands. My official work is what feeds me, but modeling feeds my soul. I have always been passionate about it.’ Neha said. Neha doesn’t believe in gymming, she is a ‘self-love’ kind of person. She says, ‘if you want to go to the gym go, if you don’t feel like going, don't go! Don’t pressurize yourself & don’t be in a constant war with yourself.’

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