Meet MMA Gold Medalist: Priya Sharma who has come a long way to achieve her dreams

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Meet MMA Gold Medalist: Priya Sharma who has come a long way to achieve her dreams

Often in our society, females are void from their rights. Many talents of our nation have gone for a toss just because the mentality of our society is biased towards men. But there are those who sit back and accept the society’s norms and there are those who revolt. National gold medalist, Priya Sharma has come a long way to achieve her dreams.

The journey with unlimited hurdles:


She is an MMA gold medalist from Chandigarh (currently staying in Mumbai). She has won the Gold medal at the Nationals MMA held in 2012 and has represented India at international levels too in MMA. Her path to success wasn’t that easy. She started fighting judo at the tender age of 16, in Chandigarh. She played inter school judo matches there gradually her interest in judo increased. She started taking part in inter-school competitions and mostly won those fights. She continued playing inter-school matches for two years, but after the age of 18, she had to move to Delhi for further training.After putting endless efforts in convincing her family, she finally moved to Delhi to gain the professional Judo training. As she doesn’t come from a rich background, she worked at a BPO in Delhi to invest in her training and logistics. She also trained judo to a few students in Delhi to make ends meet. She then appeared in SFL (Super Fight League) in 2011, however she lost the fight in the final round.

Losing made her stronger:


I felt depressed, demotivated & helpless, but it helped me make myself stronger, I increased my training hours, I watched UFC to learn new techniques and I again appeared in YFC (Yodha fight championship), which was in 2012, and I finally won!! And that’s how my winning streak began.” Said Priya. After appearing in around 20 judo matches in Delhi & winning most of them, She gained interest in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). She then trained herself rigorously every day for MMA and played a few matches at national levels in Delhi and won 2 gold medals in MMA. Now, she had to move to Mumbai for further MMA training and for the participation process. However, that was really difficult for Priya because of the lack of finance. No sports other than cricket are financially fruitful in India. She trained many students and worked round the clock to save and move to Mumbai. After putting endless efforts, she finally moved to Mumbai and now she is training a few students in Judo and MMA, also she is participating in International MMA Championships. 

She says, “I am a national MMA gold medalist and I just have one message to give to all the women out there, We’re all living in cages with the door wide open. Just step out of the door and make the world aware of the miracles we girls can do.”



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