National Gold Medalist Vandita Raval Is Working Hard Towards Getting India Recognized In Global Gymnastics

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National Gold Medalist Vandita Raval Is Working Hard Towards Getting India Recognized In Global Gymnastics

“No matter what goes in my life, I just go to the gym and forget about everything. I love the sport because it demands to be performed. I love being in the air.”- Vandita Raval, a passionate gymnast from Mumbai who is making her way towards the Olympic. Her mom used to watch ace gymnast, Nadia Comaneci performing on the TV and since then, she decided that if she had a daughter, she’d put her in Gymnast. Today, Vandita Raval, 29 has become an international Gymnast and has won the Shiv Chhatrapati Puraskar.

The Beginning of the sport:

Her journey as a gymnast began when she was just 8 years old. She started getting trained for the gymnast in her school; She always loved being at the gym. “There is something about gymnastics that I love; No matter what goes in my life, I just go to the gym and forget about everything,” Vandita says.  She loves the sport because it demands to be performed. She loves being in the air. After three severe injuries, She stood up, Performed and won. She participated in her first district-level competition when she was 9 years old and won a gold in that particular competition. Winning a gold medal in the first competition was like the biggest motivation for her. Then, at the age of 11, she played her first nationals, but she lost in that particular game. However, it was a great experience and learning for her.

Getting the right training:

“I kept on doing Gymnastics for several years after that, however, the skills I were learning was getting repetitive. But, when I met Harish sir in a competition, he helped me clear my few difficult moves with ease and perfection just within fifteen minutes.” Vandita said. Since then, she started getting trained under Harish sir and appeared for several National competitions. She has won in numerous medals and certificates in Gymnastics. Recollecting her injury, Vandita says, “When I appeared for my first Senior Nationals after being trained by Harish sir, I was damn sure that I’ll get the good rankings there but during the training, I faced a serious knee injury and I couldn’t participate for the all-round event.” However, instead of losing the confidence, she participated in uneven bars, which wouldn’t hurt the knee much. She got selected for the uneven bars and despite performing with an injured knee, she won a gold medal at the event.

Her way towards glory:

In 2010, she appeared for the Gymnastics world cup held in Paris. Amongst all the Indian Gymnasts, she was the topmost ranker. She has won Shiv Chhatrapati Puraskar in the year 2014. She hasn’t stopped since then. Now, she is prepping for the 2020 Olympics. Till then, she is also currently looking forward to the National games. She wants to give only one message to the society. “I have a humble request for those senior Gymnasts, that they should come back and share their experiences so that the game survives even at the junior level.”




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