Vikas Singh Rana from Haryana is struggling hard to make her way towards Olympics

Vikas Singh Rana from Haryana is struggling hard to make her way towards Olympics

'I’ve had my share of difficulties in life. Every hour I felt like giving up, but I trained my mind to just ask myself ‘Why did I even start?’ everytime this negative thought crossed my mind. And that’s always inspiring enough for me to get up and continue the hustle.' -Vikas Singh Rana, an International Skier with innumerous medals who is born and bought up in a small town of Haryana. I was just ‘Awwstruck’ looking at her skiing skills and how swiftly she did this incredibly tough sport. Skiing is not just a sport for me; it’s a way of life. It all started back in my childhood when I used to always be active in sports. I used to play several sports in my school and college, but didn't find that one particular sport that would give me a 'kick'. I kept on trying all sorts of different sports.

So, I come from a lower middle class family and I lived with my uncle and aunty in Haryana as my parents couldn’t afford two daughters. My uncle had two more sons and I was the third daughter and he was extremely co operative and supportive in all my life choices. It was his ambition to make atleast one of us to excel in some particular sports. So, I completed my HSC and joined a trekking group in Haryana. I used enjoy trekking and did that for a few months. One fine day, while we were trekking somewhere near the mountains of Manali, I came across a skiing group and was really fascinated by the sport. Just out of curiosity, I enquired and realized that I fell in love with it. I started taking the training and after a few months of training, my fellow skiers were taken a back by my performance. I started competing at local competitions right after a month of training and the graph of my achievements started rising. Since then, I never looked back and kept performing at every event persistently. Gradually I started participating at national levels and even won a few gold medals in such competitions. 

This pretty much covers all her achievements and it proves how passionaite Vikas is. However, was it all that easy?? 

Getting trained for competitions was always the most crucial aspect of my journey. As I stay in Haryana, there’s obviously no snow to practice skiing. So, I always had to travel Srinagar to even get trained. The transport and logistic expenses were the biggest issue for me. I had to even stay there for months, which included hotel and food expenses. As I said, I come from a lower middle class family so finance is the only obstacle I’ve been facing. I even started to train skiing to a few students in Srinagar to suffice my Olympic dreams. However, it didn’t work out as my skills were not improving at all. Because, if we train there, we get the students who are fresher and had to start from the beginning for them. So, I left teaching, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my dreams. Even this year, I had to start my training for upcoming Nationals but because of the lack of finances, I couldn’t. I really wish to represent India once at the Olympics and get a gold medal for the nation.

It’s really sad to know that extremely talented athletes in India aren’t getting enough sponsers and recognition because of the lack of exposure and finances for sports. Cricket is the only sport in India that gives you a financial relief. Let’s come together with The Tribal Box and help Athletes like Vikas to achieve their dreams.


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