Wheelchair basketball champ Anu Chouhan is looking forward to participate in 2020 Paralympics

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Wheelchair basketball champ Anu Chouhan is looking forward to participate in 2020 Paralympics

“My journey is filled with innumerous obstacles, but One thing I've learnt is that no matter how much life pulls you backward, there will certainly be a day when you rise above and go beyond your limits to achieve your goal.”-Anu Chouhan, who is an International wheelchair basketball player and her story, is worth knowing if you need your motivational dose for the day. 

I still remember, when I was 6, because of the carelessness of the doctors, I was injected some faulty medicine, which eventually costed me my leg. I lost the ability to walk at since then and so I had n number of difficulties in getting admissions in private schools. However, I completed my education in government school but my school life wasn’t that easy. I had to face a lot of bullying and partialism during my school days. I still remember, I loved sports since childhood, but I was always asked to sit back in the class in the PT period, watch my classmates go and play. Since then, I decided that I am definitely going to get laurels to the nation one day. And here I am. I was amazed when I first met her on the basketball court. She played with such joy and released all her stress and depression on the court. She is certainly ambitious regarding the sport. In 2017, Chouhan has played Nationals in Maharashtra team and has recently got selected in the Chennai Wheelchair Basketball Camp. She feels the happiest when she is on the basketball court. Let’s move on and hear about how she got introduced to wheelchair basketball.

After completing my school, I faced the same or even more amount of difficulties in getting an admission in college. While studying in college I even tried applying for jobs, as my dad couldn’t afford the college fees. I was rejected in 28 interviews and the only reason being my disability. During my college, I met Sujit who directed me towards my dreams and inspired me to dream big. Love blossomed and we wanted to get married. But I feared of becoming a burden on anyone, so I decided to become independent first. Sujit wanted me to pursue C.A., for which he got me shifted to a better college. He financially supported me a lot. I eventually completed my C.A and thought of surprising Sujit who was in Bangalore at that time. Little did I know, the saddest news of my life was waiting for me there. Sujith had met with an accident and he eventually passed away.

I was under depression that lasted for five years. But, remembering Sujith’s undying love I recalled what his dream was. It was to see me living my life and achieve my set of goals. Back then, I didn’t know something like ‘Wheelchair Basketball” even existed. But through a friend I met online I got to know about the sport. As I always craved for sports, I was literally stunned when I came to know about it and so I went on getting myself admitted at the wheelchair basketball club. The first time I played there, I felt amazing. That was the day when I realized that the court is where I belong. Since then, I just didn’t go backward. I started a business of garments with a friend and played basketball whenever I get time.

Hats off to the Undying spirit of Anu Chouhan who didn’t let her disability snatch the life away from her. She has represented India at the International Level at a Match held in Paris and has won several medals in National Wheelchair Basketball match. She is currently focusing on the 2020 Paralympic games and preparing herself for the same. She needs financial support to achieve her Olympic dreams. Let’s come together with the Tribal Box and help her by donating Rs.3.70 lacs amount via:

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