Meet Dhruv Dholakia: Traveled across India in 16 months on a Royal Enfield

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Meet Dhruv Dholakia: Traveled across India in 16 months on a Royal Enfield

Travelling alone does not always mean you’re alone. Often you meet wonderful people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime. That’s Dhruv Dholakia’s favorite quote and it pretty much sums up his love for travelling alone. It actually came alive for him recently when he travelled across 29 states in 16 months on his one and only buddy, a Royal Enfield. 


The Beginning of this impeccable journey:

The trip did not have the happiest of beginnings. Dhruv was going through a rough phase. He’d just got divorced. He’d left a reputed job as an investment banker and suffered a serious spinal injury when he realised he had nothing left to live for. But no, it didn’t drive him to commit suicide. Instead, he bought a Bullet motorcycle and embarked on a lengthy, adventurous, risky and almost impossible trip through this incredible nation, India. Speaking to The Tribal Box, he said “I was stuck in a circle of monotony. My bank balance was getting fatter, but I wasn’t growing as a person.”

The baggage of incredible experiences:

The priceless experience he had “can’t be expressed in words”, says Dhruv. “It totally changed my perspective towards life and I started feeling happy. I felt like I was reborn. The vast diversity of people, cultures, languages, regions and religions taught me how people live together despite their differences. I met so many people and collected so many memories that would stay with me for life.” But not all days were breezy. Some days taught him to SURVIVE in the worst of scenarios. It was a “life-changing” trip for him. Travelling solo taught him to stay alone, cook food and fight his fears. He learned how dangerous the world could be. Like, when he was in Bihar, his bike broke down and he went to a garage run by some gangsters who bragged about how many murder cases they were facing.

But he also learned about the positive power of love over money when he was in the North East. He told The Tribal Box, “I'm from Mumbai, plus I am a Marwari, so for me everything revolved around making money. But when I was in Unakoti in Tripura, a poor old man let me stay at his place for free, and even cooked food for me, while turning down my offer to pay for it. That really helped me change my approach to life.”


Traveling is the best teacher:

Dhruv traveled the length and breadth of the country on a journey of self-discovery, and from the stories he’s got and the things he’s learned, it sounds like it was one hell of a worthy voyage! “What I learned was that traveling solo doesn’t just pull you out of your comfort zone, but it also pushes you out of the zone of society’s expectations. This trip introduced me to a ‘NEW ME’,” Dhruv says.



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