Meet The Female Trio Who Hitchhiked From Mumbai to Goa

Meet The Female Trio Who Hitchhiked From Mumbai to Goa

 How it all began:

It all started with a random conversation Sukanya & Heena had at work. Sukanya had never been to Goa, so she wanted to visit the “party capital” of India. Heena suggested adding a little twist to the trip and hitchhiking from Mumbai to Goa instead!

“We discussed, we laughed, and then I went back home (Jaipur) to spend my Diwali with family when I got an official e-mail from Heena detailing the whole journey, the route, and the things we needed!” Sukanya says. Heena invited her friend Ishika to join them on the road, and that’s how the adventure started.



There was no agenda or motive to it at all, until they observed the responses that they got from their friends. Heena says, ”As soon as our gender was attached to the idea of Hitchhiking, it suddenly became unsafe which was a bothering issue. We realized we now had a purpose to our journey. It was important to break some norms, not just cause we wanted the world to know, but just for ourselves really. We couldn’t sit and take the fact that just because we were girls, a trip like this was impossible”.


Experiences on the go:

They survived in 100Rs/person/day. Sukanya says, “Every day we were reminded of how much good was left in the world. It sounds clichéd but experiences like these elevate you as a person. You understand the concept of a tight-knit community. You can see how urban and rural lifestyle changes/influences human behavior. It was incredible to experience that. This journey wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the strangers who help us with their big hearts! Offering us food, water, shelter, and some life advice too! Haha”.

Precautions before leaving for the adventure:

They had taken emergency numbers of people who were close to our destination. They had chalked out police stations in the town/village that they had to spend the night in, and some temples too in case we couldn’t pitch our tent anywhere else.

Heena says, “We met the villagers with whom we struck conversations, and they were intrigued about our travels. Everywhere we went, we made new friends, and these families took care of us like we were their long-lost relatives. It was heart-warming to see a community come together to make an outsider feel comfortable and at home in a new place. In Alibagh, I remember, late in the night the ladies of the village got together and discussed if one of them could allow us to stay in their backyard, instead of us camping inside the forest”.

In Guhagar they couldn’t find any place where they could pitch the tent, so they walked to the police station and told them about their hitchhiking trip. The police authorities were happy to provide them the police ground, which was next to the Guhagar beach, to stay at. They set camp there, and cooked their meal, spoke to some officers, and it was actually a very relaxing day for them. One of the police officers even suggested them to join the police force because they thought the girls were too brave to be doing this.


What’s Next?

After they came back, they realized they had a ton of footage from the whole journey, and they should probably show this to the world. So they are currently working on turning the journey into a four-episode travel vlog. “We are first waiting for the videos to come out, but yes we do have plans of doing something bigger, and more adventurous soon. The ideas are still in the pipeline.” Ishika says. 


The Final words of Sukanya:

“What was overwhelming was how wrong most of the people were about this whole trip. We met some amazingly beautiful people, kind strangers who went out of their way to help us, and at the end that’s the message we want to tell the world. Get out of your shell! Explore and stop making assumptions from your comfort zone. It distorts reality”.






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